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CAZ Capital is a boutique investment firm focused on assisting you achieve your financial success.

At CAZ Capital we understand that to help you achieve truly exceptional results, we need to look beyond the standard mainstream market offerings.  With our expert team and extensive network, we seek out high performing opportunities and introduce them to you.

No family, business or organisation can function well when under constant finacial stress. At CAZ Capital we never loose site that helping you achieve your financial success is our way in helping you design the life that you desire. When you have a plan and the tools available to take control of your finances, you can focus on being you, to live life on your terms. We are not financial advisors, we are not fund managers, we do not manage your money for you, what we do is provide you with the tools and frame work to identify your financial goals so you can map a path to achieve them. Your success is our obsession.


Our Philosophy

CAZ Capital seeks to find high-quality opportunities at low valuations, with the goal of generating cashflow while managing the level of risk. The team aims to be objective, patient and thorough with diligent, and makes decisions based on facts, data and the merits of individual opportunities rather than trying to forecast the market. We aim to consistently outperform the market over the full market cycle




Our Approach




CAZ Capital employs a disciplined investigation strategy, looking at growth companies that offering creative vehicles at which it believes to be at low prices. CAZ Capital believes this approach combines the best features of "growth" and "value" analysis. When the CAZ Capital partners with a company, it generally searches for companies it believes to possess one or more of three main attributes:

Good Business

  • The right market share in principal product and/or service lines

  • A high cash return on tangible assets

  • Relatively low capital requirements, allowing a business to generate cash while growing

  • Short customer-repurchase cycles and long product cycles

  • Significant room for scalability

Cashflow Priorities 

CAZ Capital believes in an investor focus opportunities, where the  company focuses on investor returns and not overcompensate itself and wisely allocates the cash the company generates. CAZ Capital looks for companies that:

  • Priorities investor returns into their cashflow statement 

  • Reinvest in the business and still have excess cash

  • Make synergistic acquisitions


Best Entry Price

  • CAZ Capital looks for opportunities that is undervalued, we believe money in made on entry and not waiting for the market movement to provide the returns. 

  • The opportunity cost can vary significantly over short periods of time, and such price movements are not always correlated with changes in a company's fundamental performance. Accordingly, CAZ Capital generally prefers to wait for opportunities in the right market cycles in correlation with company's life cycle that provide the best returns. Such opportunities do not always occur in correlation with overall market performance trends.



Learn to question assess your financial situation from an alternate point of view. Your financial journey is unique to you, we help you find the vehicles that meets your needs. 



We can help you access into Gold with significant discount through foreword Gold purchases without exposure to fluctuating market prices while securing guaranteed values multipliers.  




Investible projects available for immediate investment. All projects vetted by our team. We also offer end to end project sourcing, design, construct and sale.



We can help you get involved with Crypto currency without exposure to the extreme market volatility while having your principle fully insured. Want consistent returns from Crypto, ask us how.



We have proven strategies that help you identify the areas of focus that can assist you reduce the time it takes to pay off your mortgage so you can save interest and own your home quicker.



Through our network we can assist with Business and Investment VISAs into Australia and Europe.



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Phillip started his entrepreneurial journey opening a computer shop while in university studying Business Information Systems, he went on to work in IT for NAB and Telstra managing teams and network infrastructure projects for over 10 years, all while his entrepreneurial activities continued, he co-founded a Food & Beverage brand with a presence in Melbourne and Perth. Phillip went on to help a startup construction company expand and today one of Melbourne's premier residential and commercial builders. Phillip is now taking on a new challenge as a director in a mining company, with the goal of helping it become one of Australia's top Gold producers.   

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 Bec has a degree in Business and International trade; she started her career in freight forwarding when she brought he first property, she loved the feeling of taking control of her financial future. Soon after she moved into mortgage brokering, then joined one of Australia's largest private developers. For 7 years, Bec was involved in all stages of projects, helped source, package and fund deals. Bec eventually went on to create her own company Beckim Homes. Bec is an active real-estate investor and developer, she has built a multimillion dollar portfolio, she has tuned her passion for property into a thriving business. Bec is now helping others navigate their property journey. 




Khang has a Business degree majoring in Accounting, he has accumulated over 25 years in the Financial Services industry. Khang is currently the Gerneral Manager at Alliton Capital, he has worked for HLP Mortgages, Advantedge and NAB. While at NAB he managed a mortgage portfolio of $28 billion, consisting of 30,000 brokers. He was responsible for stakeholder management, change management and product delivery for developing and managing home lending product portfolio. Khang has also founded Pandora Financial Services, his objective is to build a wealthy community of like minded individuals who share a common vision.


 Local Partners

Success doe not happen alone.

Beckim Homes
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I'd just like to thank Bec and the team for making my first home purchase so effortless. She has provided her professional support and guidance throughout the whole process and made it pain free and easy. She shared her wealth of knowledge, her many years of experience in real estate to help me find the perfect location and build to suit my budget and goal. I'd highly recommend going to Bec if you are looking to purchase your first home, next home, or planning on building a home.

Steven Ly

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